Hot Flight is a project developed in the Multimedia Atelier 3D course, with the focus on exploring 3D modulations, material and illumination on Autodesk 3ds Max.


To modulate an object, insert materials and illumination, and animate it. In a second phase, develop a website to market the product.


Instead of creating a physical object, we opted to create a digital product: a game for smartphones, with a main focus on a Hot Air Balloon. The project included modelling the balloon, the islands and the coins, besides the creation of the website.


The Game that makes you Fly beyond Limits



Swipe up and down to explore the sky and collect the lost treasure. Careful with the clouds. You can get lost and lose your hearts.

Fly in spectacular 3D surroundings!


Mix and match colours and patterns in creator mode. Design the perfect balloon to accompany you in your adventures.

Unlock exclusive tools to make your baloon unique!


Increase your score multiplier by completing unique missions. Earn awesome prizes and characters by completing Daily Challenges.

The more you play, the more rewards you get!


An unstoppable team that has the perfect balance between friendship, practical spirit, creativity and fun without forgetting hard work and understanding.

Livia Spencer

Vulcano of Ideas and palette colours. She came from a lost land never visited before. Her goal is to be a Storyteller Master to connect humans. She gets her powerups from pizza and Kubrick movies.

Maira Salazar

Wizard of Coding and 3D modelling. She came from a faraway land on the other side of the sea. Her goal is to create new spells with magic data. She gets her powerups from vegan doughnuts and podcasts.

They are going to fight with their powers for a world more sustainable, more aware, more caring and one day they will beat the Big Boss: The Ignorance.